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Why use a travel agent?

The travel industry suffered a massive loss this year through the closure of Thomas Cook, they were held accountable for falling behind the times, failing to keep up with new advancements in holiday booking technology and staying old fashioned in their ways. This is...

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Travel trends for the roaring 2020s

With the 2010’s drawing to a close, Jo Rowbotham checks out the travel trends for the roaring 2020s with the Inspire homeworkers. I’m looking very much forward to the travel trends for the 2020’s. Will the decadence and innovation of travel from the previous roaring...

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Writing a business plan for travel homeworkers

December is finally here and as the end of the year draws in, it is time to reflect on the past year and write your business plan for 2020. December is Write a Business Plan month after all! There is a business plan for all travel homeworkers, no matter if it is a...

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Home office inspiration for travel homeworkers

Working from home as a self-employed travel agent can be hugely rewarding and financially lucrative. Having the right space to work and run your travel business from can make a real difference to productivity, so you need to consider some essential items alongside...

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Returning to the travel industry after a career break

Career breaks happen for all kinds of reasons, from starting a family to trying a different career path. The lure to return to the exciting travel industry is often strong, but if you have a gap in your CV, where do you start to get back into travel? The good news is,...

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Inspire travel homeworking after redundancy

If you have been affected by redundancy in the travel industry, it can be hard to know where to start. You might not have dusted down your CV for several years. You could be considering other options within travel. You may be completely overwhelmed and not even be...

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Inspire Travel homeworker – what makes Inspire different?

So you have made the decision to set up your very own home based travel business – brilliant the excitement starts here…… but that’s only the first step, now you need to decide which company to go on this fantastic adventure with. There is a wide choice of travel...

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