Love travel, but don’t want to work long days in the office or all the bank holidays and weekends on a shift? Being an Inspire Homeworker has changed my life.

I have always been passionate about travel, however when I began working in the industry it came with many hours spent in an office and a lengthy commute home. I could never fit anything else into my day. When I came home there weren’t any doctors, dentists, or high street shops open, and I still had to start on housework before the end of the day. As much as I loved travel, I could not see a future in my current career path.

I then saw an ad for homeworking for Inspire and I knew this could be the solution.

It was nerve-racking to make such a drastic change, but I soon settled as I love travel and creating the perfect holiday for my clients makes me happy. I knew doing something I love that I wouldn’t need any extra motivation to work on my own schedule and hours because I wanted to succeed and become the travel advisor that people want to book their holidays with!

Flexible working allows me to make time for my own life alongside work. Having a laptop and mobile instead of being stuck at a desk means that I can use my time however I see fit.. I can choose to work when my children are at school, I can work through enquires and respond to my clients any time of the day, fitting a few e-mails in when my children are asleep. I can still find the time to cook breakfast in the mornings, take my dog out and care for my family without the major disruption of office work, because I can manage my hours around my life my appointments and my family.

Like any job this still takes work and dedication but I’m continuously building my network and reputation, and have seen massive improvements in my results as my hard work ultimately began to pay off. I never thought that I could have a job that I’m so passionate about and still be able to around my life and my family needs.

If you’re feeling “Inspired” to join the homeworking team, please get in touch via the contact form or by calling 0161 465 6096.